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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello Famialy! :insert Frozen reference here:

SO in an attempt to make up for last week's Dog Days email I will now compose an elegant speech that shall one day be made in to an epic Ballad of the adventures of Elder Bone in Solon Ohio

Verily we begin this tale with the great stories of the Knight from the famed great walled city of Salt Lake

He had traveled long and far from his home seeking the salvation of one not his own

his noble steed Delta He rode faster than the wind high in the sky

After he arrived he journeyed from the Far East to the slightly less Far east and more north toward the great, but Eire, lake   
Now he lives in the smallish hamlet of Twinsburg Ohio which is certainly more populace than that of the land of Lisbon 
there ain't nobody out in that neck of the woods

But the tale of the week began not at the hamlet of Twinsburg but rather at the equally strange town of Middlefield where he and Sir Whipple conquered greatly in the courts of sand while being perplexed by the ye olde buggies that were pulled by horses 
like what is this 1499? (trying to hit a weird al reference not sure if I nailed it or not)

returning as he did from that great battle of fun
he slept well that night being fed both in his thirst for victory and in the sustenance the great Quebe Family provided for such an Epic Hero

The next morn at the Watches Crow he rose to ride on this time his own great power taking him to the distant far far distant land of Macedonia 
on a bicycle
in humidity
lapses in judgment aside not a very productive day was had by our Hero as he and his wonderful companion Sir Whipple was not feeling too hot after such a tasking journey
Slept well tho

The Third of Wednesday on the month of August Year of our Lord He, Refreshed and revitalized embarked once again on his Quest for the Salvation of Man
by knocking on a few hundred doors 
and having a nice dinner with he and Sir Whipple
That evening though, the Grand Duke of all of the fair Kingdom of Kirtland took our two weary travelers on a refreshing journey to see the family of the Salsgivers whom reside in the area to the west of these young stalwart servants of Him who lives on High.
He also in his great kindness treated them to a hole-in-the-wall Ice cream shoppe of which praises ought to be sung for such a noble act
(because it was GOOD Ice cream after a night of Rejection)

The 4th proceeded as such
a battle plan was constructed to best garner our forces to bring the Foes to subjection and to free those entrapped by their lies 
(funny to thing I at one point needed the rescue I offer..)
Sir Whipple a seasoned Veteran to the Art of War against this particular adversary he lead the way in assuring the necessary preparations were made for war 
The Evening was well spent in the Company of the Talentino's as they Provided great meals for the duo

Fri's day was kept in accord by the records of the scribblings of our Hero as a day of great acclaim as the Leaders of the East Zone of the Great Kingdom of Kirtland came to inspect and instruct our Heroic Knights on new ways to improve their lacking abilities and strengthen the strong ones. The weakest of failings being the atrocity called District meeting
Trust me 
it was bad
Thankfully Lord Hansen and Lord Milam assisted Our Very own Baron von Bone in helping with the affairs of his small area to council those he has been charged watch-care over to assist in the great and endless battle of the ages
The Family of the Fishers was also very kind in sustaining our Knight that evening with a wonderful meal Lord Hansen also agreed

The week now came to a close with the Saturday event of Twinsday when all the hamlet of Twinsburg sees double
(its cool and weird but no pictures sorry)
after that they updated the great scroll which goes to the Baron of Solon to witness his efforts on behalf of the people
He then did great battle against the Foe of Grass upon an unfortunate members lawn
in the heat of the day did he battle with the beast of the Mower and Sir Whipple with the Sword of the Edge(r)
The thankful family rewarded the effort with Pizza to which both shouted HUZZAH
The Evening was back to the Doors as they sought some soul to listen to the spirit's voice
no dice

The Great Leadership council was postponed as the day of rest and the Lords day of Fasting coincide but the day of rest is never truly a day of rest for our Hero as he and Sir Whipple moved with swiftness to appointments that were canceled politely 
not so polite were those they sought that night to discover there standing in the kingdom of God
needless to say they really didn't want to be enlisted
their loss

Thus concludes the ballad of Baron von Bone

(and people thought I wasn't having fun, as if)

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