Who I am, Where I am, and what is this blog?

Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Welcome back to 90° weather and sweating buckets :P

it's back to Ohio Hot and no swimming for me to cool off :(

so this week was well SLOOOW because we have NO people to teach so it was find find find and no one was found :P

but we had some highlights
 - I got to run a Jackhammer and feel like a BOSS 
 - learned more about Electric wiring 
 - My bike decided to die horribly so it's in the shop for now :(

MY AUNT PAM CAME TO CHURCH! (realizes my aunt pam reads this email... Hi Aunt Pam!)

so it was awesome and church went alright till we had to give a super last minute disscussion in gospel principles on chapter 39... which is the law of chastity
to a room full of sister missionaries
and singles


so yeah hard week

love ya lots though!

Elder Bone

Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome one and all to the Elder Bone Talkshow!

So it's been a bit of a slow week cuz everyone vanished out of thin air this week so bear  with me

Tuesday however we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders and they blitzed our area so for one glorious day we got to share a four elder apartment oh and to top it off I'M DESIGNATED DRIVER WOOT WOOT!!!

spent the exchange learning about how to be a district leader and getting to know Elder Hansen (one of the ZL's) Better Oh and lots and lots of finding

Wendsday: we spent the whole day pretty much getting the fuel pump fixed on our chevy.. never ever buying one (they have terrible handling as well :P)

we learned a lot and it was awesome

more tracting 

see friday

I got to speak for like 5 minutes in church and it was kinda cool (it was super last minute but it worked) then we did some more finding and last minute district meeting planning cuz the sisters pulled a fast one on me and needed district meeting to be the crack of dawn monday.
then we had dinner at an awesome family's home where we all kept laughing at the dad's silly puns and the fact that elder kitchens didn't understand what a pun was so he was not sure why we were all laughing
Have you ever tried to explain a pun to someone
not easy
especially when you are laughing so hard you can't breathe 
all and all a good night

Monday we had a rather slapdash district meeting  :P
and that brings me to now! 

Love ya
Elder Bone

Monday, June 13, 2016

I had a Fever and Cowbell didn't help much

I told my companion that joke but he had no clue what I was talking about so it was a wee bit weird

Anyway i'll explain in a bit  

It was a pretty legit Preparation Day as it usually is (minus the having to buy food cuz our apartment had NOOOONE like except Ramen for DAYS so I had to fix that in a hurry which costs money :P I miss my own bank account that I put money in myself with my own job but that doesn't really matter to much right now) we also met up with T-North cuz Crockett had to go to a doc in Solon so we had ice cream and talked for a bit. that evening we went on like legit splits which was pretty cool. Brother Willams and I met a brother tomas who is 97 years old and instead of driving to Solon building (45 mins away) he goes to the Tallmadge building (15 mins away) I feel so far from my last ward, I could probably bike there if I really wanted) we just told him thats fine and then we drove back just in time for 9

My first district meeting where I'm the District leader.. 
well I wasn't divinely rebuked for blasphemy so I think I did alright.
after Lunch we went to do some tracting and we ran in to Bernice a sweet older lady that wanted to strengthen her family, we taught her about the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and left her with a copy and told her to pray about it. when we were leaving the area to go to our next appointment we saw she was still on the porch reading it! we are seeing her again tomorrow (being next Tuesday) so wish us luck! 
we had dinner next then we met with Rodney again, our awesome Investigator that is really seeking the truth of God in his life, as we taught him we discovered that he was on parole... so my heart dropped just like it did with Kyle. but all in the Lord's timing. So as a result he won't be baptized till 3 and 1/2 years now :( which we had to explain Sunday. so I had that lesson.. again. I wonder what I'm supposed to learn from it this time?

Lots and LOTS and lots of tracting and contacting but it wasn't too terrible now that the weather isn't trying to kill me as much, the Cicadas might try though they are LOUD. 

Weekly Planning you know the drill however about midway though planning I got really REALLY drowsy, not just like I'm bored kinda drowsy like a fell asleep without noticing kinda drowsy. I woke up and just nothing felt right but I tried to get up and go. half way though a service project that I wasn't able to help with my stomach felt like It was doing backflips so I called it off and we went home and I crashed again, this time I felt the burn of a hardcore fever. spent the balance of the day in bed burning up so that was a fun way to spend day 365 :P 

Had our morning routine thrown off cuz I still was shaking off the last of the fever so I couldn't get up till like 8 which was SOO weird as a missionary after that we went to do the progress record before more service with helping move stuff from a basment and then at the Watkins for a yummy dinner!

spent the morning back at the Watkins helping clean up some more debris and them we mowed a lawn for sister Elizabeth which I was nominated to be the Mower (thankfully it was self-propelled) but it was a big lawn still. 
then we had some dinner and stop by's

Rodney came to church! so did a total of 5 other investigators from our district! it was a good day for all, that evening we had to break the news to Rodney that his baptism was being Postponed for at least as long as his Parole and he took it better than Kyle did but it was still really hard for us to break it to him. I hope he just keeps meeting with us! 

Well that's the week! love you all 
Elder Bone

Monday, June 6, 2016

The start of the Beginning of the End

​Hard to believe that just a year ago I was probably trying to fall asleep in bed, wondering what in the world Ohio was going to bring me.

Just a year ago I made a fateful step in to the MTC and out of my life

Just a year ago I gave it all up for Him.

and you know what makes it even crazier 

It either feels like a few months have past or a few years have past.

But in all reality 

it was indeed
just a year ago

Here's to making it the best year ever!

If it's true what everyone has said it is gonna feel like 2 weeks by the time next June hits

I'm not eager to go home but I am eager to keep working, keep improving and above all keep growing 

This year of my life has changed me, even just week to week I feel like I have undergone massive change in my behavior and my actions 

It really is true that 

"A study of the gospel of Jesus Christ will change Attitudes and Behaviors quicker than a study of behavior will change behaviors"

I think Elder Holland explained it best with his talk on tomorrow

He opened saying how for 12 hours we are focused on the words of Christ from his Ordained leaders, that we listen and take notes and love those 12 hours. 
but he said that for those 12 hours they are focused on us. 

The savior does the same thing for us, as we sharpen our focus on his teaching he teaches us more perfectly because we are listening for him. He loves us and wants us to learn and grow

that's all this world really is 

a place to grow

A true garden for our souls

Love you all
Keep on Growing
Elder Bone