Who I am, Where I am, and what is this blog?

Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Hike both Physical and Spiritual

Ok you can't actually hike much in Ohio. the closest to Incline I get is climbing the stairs in our apartment.
So after Emailing we went on a hike with the New Castle and New Castle West Elders as well as the Lisbon South Elders. We hiked the trail of Hopewell Furnace which had some Stunning rock formations and a really REALLY old Iron furnace at the end of it
After coming home we changed and had a wonderful Family Home Evening with the Clarks and the Springers a recently converted family. It was really great and we all had a great time! I do love the Clarks!
Tuesday we stopped by Sister Wallace and helped her with mowing the lawn before going to Sister Koopman's to help clean out a shed and the Attic.. It wasn't that bad but I still hate spiders and that didn't help matters.
Wednesday we went to a HUGE Half Mission Conference where Elder Bennett started by declaring "this is a Council; A Council of War" and for the next 6 Hours we were all taught by each other and by the spirit how we can Shake things up and really help hasten the work in Kirtland!  
I did go home however with Elder Roundy so we could have an Exchange with New Castle West!
Thursday was a fall though kinda day. I had hoped and tried to set up and plan a good exchange day but pretty much every meeting Fell though so we did stop-bys and I learned a lot about Elder Roundy and his Mission. He heads home the end of this Transfer though!
After Switching back in the mid afternoon Elder Parris and I went with Brother Hobbs our ward mission Leader to Home teach King (yes that is his actual first given name) Reed and his wife.

They live in a house that is Literally as old as Ohio. it was built in 1803! I mean they have obviously added on to it since then but the majority of the house is a luxury log cabin in the woods. 
we also met their little baby goats and I got a picture or two of them
Friday we Had our weekly Corrodination meeting with Brother Hobbs and right after we shared a message with them on how the Stake and our Mission President want to help all members find people to bring into the fold
After that we met with Chuck Hartman a 94 year old that seemed interested in knowing more about the gospel and we are meeting with him again tomorrow! you're never to old to learn!
Saturday was another day where everyone canceled on us last minute. in fact we got a call canceling an appointment as we drove up their driveway!
That night Elder Parris and I talked a lot about Missionary work and how crucial it is to the world. I am so glad I am worthy and able to serve for my Father in heaven!
Love you all and wish you well
Elder Bone 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Didn't I just send one of these...

so its a weird schedule when P-day gets moved but it was so I could go to the temple so I was ok with it.

Thursday- So we went to a Less actives house, Marcell Williams. Really nice lady. we've struggled to find time to meet with her because her work schedule is really fluid and changes often. anyway we did meet with her and her Boyfriend Cody who isn't a member (yet) and their brand new kitten aptly named 'Hades' XD we all kept getting distracted by that cute kittens antics and energy that it used to jump up and around everything.
 After that we went to the Babiks who despite her conditions deterioration at progressing and as we introduced the idea of eternal families they were elated at that idea. I do hope that one day they might be sealed for time and all eternity..

Friday - helped Brother Barnhart with is Man Cave barn and Sis Spriggs with her garden before having dinner at bishops and heading home

Saturday - SERVICE a Day of pure service until that evening where we had a Great ward BBQ and
Brother Jackson showed up and we were so excited to see him at the event and you could tell he knows its where he needs to be but his work schedule and his wife both cause him problems when he does try and come to chuch

Sunday was great and the new ward elders spoke!

that sums up my last 4 days so talk to you all next week

Elder Bone

P.s. WE HAVE A GENERAL AUTHORITY CONFERENCE THIS WEEK!!! (Elder Bennett will be speaking to us)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baptisms' , Exchanges and Temples Oh MY!

And here I was thinking clever titles weren't my style....

So from the top.... 

Exchanges! I went with Elder Mitchell our Zone leader on an exchange to Youngstown which was really cool, we met some really nice people and it was my first time on a bike as a missionary (Elder Parris isn't thrilled with biking) We ran in to some Less actives and met a few Potentials that seemed to truly have a broken heart and contrite spirit so hopefully as the Zone leaders teach them they will progress in the gospel! Exchanges truly lead to miracles!


So Luke Seaman the 9 year old of our Recent Convert got baptized by his Dad!! I am so glad that we got to bring their family in to the Fold and I love them both to death (even when 9 year old Luke could give my old attention span a run for its money).  Also Bryanna Brother Clark's daughter got baptized as well so that was really awesome! 

Zone CONFERENCE!!! this week was a POWERHOUSE 

We had our Quarterly conference with the Mission President and the Zone leaders and the Assistants and it was just SOOO amazingly powerful as they spoke on the building up of Kirtland and The Ohio with working closely with members in new and exciting ways


Today Brother Clark loaded up Elder Parris and I as well as the other Lisbon Elders and we went to the Columbus Temple for an Endowment session and it was sooo good I truly felt as President Brown said "At our Heavenly home" Afterward Brother Clark took us to Bd's a Mongolian Grill place that was Really Really Yummy Food, and then cuz he's Brother Clark and he is AMAZING took us to Grater's a Ice cream place that gives Aggie Ice cream a Run for it's money. As I type on His laptop as we are driving home now :)

Shout out to Ben Randal soon to be Elder Randal!

And Mollie and Tony for your big Eternal step!  

Love you all 

Elder Bone


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Finale, A Family, and Inspired Words

So Starting off where we left off on the Adventures of Elder Bone in Lisbon Ohio....

After Emails we drove to the New Castle West Elder's apartment and met up with them and the New Castle Elders as well. We then had a great time playing games and talking about what Elder Levitt was going to do when he got home. After Chimi-Cheesecake (Lets just say its basically A chimichonga with Cheesecake instead of beans and rice and its kinda heavenly good) at a nearby restaurant we drove home and changed to go with the Bishop to meet with the Babik's; a really nice family that we found by a miracle.

One day after district meeting we were all having lunch and the church phone rang. Now normally no-one is in the building at that time and Elder Parris picked it up and this lady, who isn't a member but knows of the church, that lives in Pennsylvania told us about this family that was struggling that was just south of Lisbon. We took the information on them and we called the bishop to schedule a time to go which brings me back to Tuesday.

We went over to the Babiks with the Bishop and just talked about their situation alot and the bishop lead most of the conversation about the welfare and employment side of things but we did talk about their relationship and how the Gospel can help in those affairs and We gave them a Book of Mormon to read together.

Wednesday was transfer day but Elder Parris and I are still in Lisbon for the next 6 weeks so we did some service for a family that moved out of the Then sisters area of Lisbon South(we now have Elders there) and moved in to our neck of the woods. The Zeh's are very nice and actually made us Pizza Sandwiches (don't worry Pop they don't come close to your's though!) After a MUCH needed stop in Salem to go shopping and have a bite we came home and showered and changed and headed to the Ward building to greet the new Lisbon South Elders and to meet up with Mark to find some temple names.

The new Elders are Elder Mulestien who is training Elder Taylor. We are actually probally gonna hang out with them as Elder Parris and Elder Mulestien Go back to His days of Highschool Basket ball.

Also at the Family history center Sis Koopman was holding a Computer Class and Dad you aren't nearly as lost as these people.. the thing that amazed me though was half of them had iPhones but no clue how to type on a Keyboard!

Thursday was kinda Hectic and a lot of driving as we did service for Sis Spriggs in her Garden (and I forgot to take photos sorry)  and Sister Kamps who has two HUGE doberman dogs. then dashed home and changed and went to the Wrights for dinner and finishing of studies

Friday was a pretty normal day after our weekly correlation meeting with our ward mission leader Brother Hobbs. We did go and meet Rita, a good friend of Sister Conner the Stake President's wife, and did some service in her yard.

Saturday we returned to the Babiks and Elder Parris mowed their lawn while I helped Sister Babik and the Kids with cleaning out the Garage. After that we went home to get in our suits before driving to Brother Clark's for the Leadership and the Adult sessions of Stake conference. The Leadership session was mostly about numbers and statistics one of which Shocked me, there is only a 25% active membership in Ohio. our ward has 500 members but we are lucky to see 100 at church and the rest of the state is the same way. I hope to help change that as I am here and that we can show others the urgency of this Gospel to all we come in contact with. One of the Speakers gave an Inspired way to share the Book of Mormon to our friends. He told us to take a copy of the Book of Mormon which he had on the back, each with 5 Document flags and with a colored pencil, and think of someone and then mark 5 scriptures that will help them, then mark them with the flags so when you give them the copy a) they know you care and really put effort in to finding scriptures to help and b) they can easily find said verses. Elder Parris and I are doing that for all Copies we give away from now on 

The Adult session was great as we got to here from none other than my Mission President. He re-iterated what Pres. Hinkley said, "that Members are the Key to a successful mission Program"  
Sunday Stake confrence was great as well and many of the speakers spoke of Missionary work and increasing our faith by Sabbath day observance

Monday was kinda a bummer when half way thought the day we got the call that our ride had to cancel so no temple but that evening we did have a great FHE with 4 families and it was a great time!

(I remember when I said I would only be sending short paragraphs.. XD)

Love you all! 

Elder Bone


Monday, August 3, 2015

"When ye are in the Service of your Fellow beings you are only in the service of your God"

If the title isn't a Dead give away this week was a fun service week

It started off with last Saturday really, I completely forgot about it (which is Exactly why I'm keeping a journal..)
Anyway last saturday we went to the Koopman's to help them chop down trees that were on their property. The Koopman's are a really nice family and up until that day I hadn't met Mr. Koopman as he works in Alaska on the Oil Pipeline for 3 weeks and then is home for 2 weeks, talk about a commute!
He's not a member but his Wife Sister Koopman is and we help her out a lot.

So we came to their home to do this and a bunch of the others Like Brother Clark, The Ogden Family and the Stake President in our ward showed up with Chainsaws, Brother Clarks is Literally 3 feet long No joke (which we can't use, don't panic mom) and rope and axes to chop them down and split the wood.

We all had a great time and Bro. Koopman who we had been told was not really open to the church was asking questions and seemed curious about what we are about so maybe he might want to learn more once he comes home again.

So that was a quick catchup on last week which leads to this week in a bit

Monday after emails we had Deep Clean Prep day which wasn't that bad (Elder Parris made it sound terrible) then we shared the Book of Mormon with Sis. Dibacco  which is always a good thing for all of us

Tuesday we went to the Babik's House to mow their lawn. The Babiks are family of 6 that live in South Lisbon. The mother has a rare disease that impairs her ability to drive, stand up for long periods of time as well as other things. the way we found them was a miracle in and of itself as we got a referral from a mysterious phone call from Pennsylvania from the Church phone as we were having a District meeting. The lady on the other end is good friends with them and isn't a member but she knows we help people in situations like that.

So we drove down the next day and met them and they said we could come by and mow their lawn so we did. We haven't picked them up as investigators yet but we did leave them with a Book of Mormon and The mom did read some of it :)

Then after doing the Lawn we went to the Clarks for dinner and Brother Clark A) makes some REALLY GOOD SALSA and B) is one of the nicest people I have met. He is the Second Counselor to the Bishopric and he is Such a great guy. 
He owns and Made a company that spans a good chunk of the East called Cleanup which is basically Servpro out here. 
He however will drop everything to help out the "mormones" as he always calls us.

Wensday was pretty bad until we went to Sis. Wallace's House and met Rob and taught him about faith and how he needs to make a "leap of faith" if he wants to really do as God wants him too.

Thursday we went to the Grants to help with some Yard work and talk a little about the gospel before going to Bro. Ogden's house to have dinner and do even more weeding and mowing and Weed whacking ( I think the reason I don't mind it out here is that they just bust out the weed wacker and don't bother with picking them out and ohio has riding mowers all over so we usually use those instead) 

Friday we had a Cottage meeting with the Clark's and the Koopman's which included Brother Koopman which was way cool. (Cottage meetings are basically FHE with more than one Family) 

Saturday was not meant for us, after another project at the Koopman's (this time we stained a MASSIVE wooden playground that was custom made by the previous owners according to Brother Koopman) we went to Sister Wallace's house

For the next Five hours we sat and listened to her and the spirit as she bore her soul to tell us how she felt and why she was struggling so much with staying "by the tree" she is struggling with addiction and depression as we listened we felt prompted continually to share different scriptures and Conference talks, it really was a powerful experience for us all.

This Sunday we saw her at church and she told us, after she had said multiple times yesterday that she hated fast and testimony meeting, that the lord spoke so clearly to her though the testimonies of all that got up.

Monday was kind of a downer for me, It started off great with a District meeting, our last one as 2 of the 2 areas in our 4 area district are getting new companions and 1 is getting Shotgunned (meaning a new set entirely) on the other hand Elder Parris is now the District leader so I get to go on exchanges a lot and see more of the district.

The downer part happened right after the meeting, we got a call from Sis. wallace and we heard that she and Rob got in a fight, Rob had gone with Ester, his wife, to her church and she fed him anti stuff and then he told sister wallace her church is of the devil so she was understandably not to happy with that.

I hope Rob wants to come back someday because he Knows what he felt that Tuesday evening and I hope that he will one day remember that this is the only true and living church.

I love you all and Wish you all to " Stay by the Tree!"

Elder Bone