Who I am, Where I am, and what is this blog?

Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Bowling, Mini-Golf, Transfers and A miracle on Day 42

So lets begin where we left off shall we? 

Monday after Emails we went to a Bowling alley with most of our district (the sisters didn't have the miles unfortunately) and our Zone leaders and a few others from our Zone and had a blast (I got a 149 and blew everyone out of the water by about 40 points) after bowling we went to a mini golf course near by and I got killed but I did get the only hole in one! 

So that was Monday and that was Day 41 (I sincerely hope some of you understand why the day is relevant..)
Rolling back to my first week I was writing down the days in my Planner and when I came across Day 42 and jokingly I wrote "Have you figured it out yet?". Let me tell you all that Our Heavenly father Most assuredly has a sense of humor.

Tuesday, Day 42 was our District meeting and this District meeting was a little bit different because after the meeting instead of going home with Elder Parris, I went back to our Apartment with Elder Hesford our District leader. 
On my first exchange I was the "native" missionary so I knew the Area and had to run the area with Elder Hesford. The day was pretty well planned as I had worked hard with Elder Parris the previous night to have things to do.
First we went to Sister Wetherald's a kind old lady that we like to stop by and share messages with and keep her spirits up. She has a strong testimony and is always a pleasure to talk to.
After Sister Wetherald we went to Rocky's Gym to share a Mormon Message with and he really did like it and we talked to him about his mission in Tonga.
Then on to some tracting which was tracting but it was a good time for me and Elder Hesford to talk and learn about each other. 
We then had a great dinner at the Ward Missionaries home, The Barnharts, all and all up to this point a pretty standard but good day...

Then we went to Sister Wallace's House; She had sent us a text last week saying she had some friend's that weren't members that, after she bore her testimony of the Power of Priesthood blessings, desired to have one. So Elder Hesford and I went to their house and started talking to Sister Wallace while we waited for her friends to arrive. Rob and Esther came shortly after and we began by explaining to them of faith and the Authority of the Priesthood. Rob the one that wished for the Blessing seemed a little cynical but at the same time you could see the sadness and confusion in this God's son's eyes. When Elder Hesford extended the invitation to receive The blessing we both knew It was I that needed to give it so when He responded that he didn't care who gave it I stood up and with Elder Hesford beside me gave a blessing to this lost soul.

I have never in my life felt as strongly of the words which I should speak as I did that Tuesday evening, I Testify that God knows us all personally, As I gave the blessing my mouth was filled with words of Comfort and guidance and very specific counsel to some of His troubles. After we both sat down and looked at Rob his eyes had changed. for one they were filled with tears and for another I could see the spirit working with in him, Testifying to him that we are sent by God to help bring him closer to the God that he thought had left him. We began to teach Rob and we taught him 3 nights in a row as he kept his commitments and desired to know more.

However up to this point we had only been teaching him at the Wallace's and not at his own home so we asked what his address was and it was not only out of our area but out of our ward. We passed him on to the sisters in Alliance and we have since heard that he is striving to break the many addictions that Satan has held him captive with. Please keep Rob in your prayers He really does want to know God's will for him and he needs all the support he can get.

The rest of the week went pretty much as they usually do and I got to speak on Pioneer Day Sunday about Pioneers Past and Present so I shared the story of Fredrick Seibold and the Congregation got a kick out of that :) 

I love you all and can't wait to see even More miracles as I serve faithfully and find those who have been prepared to receive the Gospel! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Flamed, Burned out, canceled and Bailed on

This week was a Rough go, we had 11 Canceled meetings, Dinner Appointments and even service opportunities.

We did A LOT of tracting though (mainly because of all the Cancels) Like around 10-15 Hours and I know full well the Phrase "ovi kiinni" as Bishop Walker taught us.

Also I had my first real encounter with Ohio Summer Humity and can I just say DRY IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. it really does feel like the second you walk out of the house you need to take a shower. we haven't had it this bad due to the absolute Downpours we have been having (of which I am the Only fan of) 

Sister Dibacco was doing much better this week and made it to Church again! She is such a sweet lady and I love going to read the Book of Mormon with her.

Jason a less-active is also showing some improvement and he earnestly is seeking to throw off the addiction of Smoking. I really hope he does and we can help him see that it will bless his life soooo much

Sister Spriggs is another Older lady we go and see and help with her beautiful and HUGE flower Garden. we basically spent an hour or two weeding and we also helped her plant a tree which was a nice break from weeding. she just had a Cataract surgery so please keep her in your Prayers.

We also visit Rocky a Tongan (so don't ask me his last name I can't say it let alone spell it XD) that runs a Gym and he will soon be moving in to our ward (right now he lives in Youngstown but his gym is in our area) and I can't wait for him to come in to the ward! (he is an active member)        

That's been my week pretty much and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Love you all and shout out to My Bro for getting 3 top 10's in his TSA National compation!
and to Ben for His call to my Home state of California!

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Beezy ish week

(Ok I used busy for the sake of a pun, sue me)

So this week I am doing MUCH better, I have gotten to know more people and see that I judged Ohio a little to quickly and harshly
   So we do A LOT of service here in Ohio and most of it is Chopping and hauling wood or cutting grass, one lady we help usually 2 times a week is Sister Wallace. She is an less-active member along with her Husband but they are slowly making an effort to come to church (and it is an effort out here where the building is literally 30 minutes away) she's struggling with depression and her husband who I've only met once isn't home a lot because of his work schedule. we usually help with the HUGE yard she has there picking up branches that keep falling from the summer storms we have constantly here. We always like to share a quick message and I really think that helps her with what shes going though.
  Another lady we do service for is Sister Koopman (and yes she has Mario references in her house I asked XD) because her husband works the pipeline... IN ALASKA so he's home 2 weeks and gone 3 and he's not a member and I haven't met him yet. but at Sister Koopmans we spent 4 hours just raking leaves and filled 30 33 Gallon-sized trash bags full and we made a tiny Dent in the yard. People in Ohio like Huge Backyards

Now a kind old lady we love to go and see is Sister Dibacco. She a Less-active that lives in a Care center across the way from us and we just like to go over and read the Book of Mormon with her. shes had a stroke so she struggles to talk and read but you can always tell shes glad for us to come and share the stories of Alma and the Sons of Mosiah with her. last time we went she requested "I" give her a Priesthood Blessing and It was really powerful for me and for her to feel the Love God has for her :) 

Wednesday is really cool because in the morning we go to a Methodist Church near by our house and help with the food bank there and they always make sure we leave with arms full of food so don't worry Mom I am being fed XD

Thursday is what missionaries call a ZLD or a Zero lesson day which was mostly due to having Zone Training meeting in Ashtabula Ohio which is close to a 4 hour drive round trip so that was basically all we did but the meeting was really good still

Saturday I placed my first Book of Mormon! I was in a less active (in both senses of the word as she is confined to her bed) house and she had a Caretaker that was curious about the church and we gave her a condensed restoration lesson and I got to give her the Book of Mormon! I really hope she wants to learn more and she reads it 

which brings me to Monday and to Allen Cottril also known as the Honey Bee Guy

so this started about a week ago we went to see Brother Cottril and invite him to Church as he is a Less active. We knocked on his door in service clothes intending to lend him a hand with what ever he may need help with. He told us he had just gotten back from checking his Hives and invited us in to talk as it was a hot day. we then spent a little under an hour as he told us such Fascinating things about Honey Bees and Hive mentality. He showed us his websitethehoneybeeguy.com and said he's been doing this for 3 years and he's allergic! he then invited us to come with him to check out the hives and see them for yourself so after he assured us of the safety of the Bee suit we agreed on today (monday 13.07.2015) to go with him. and let me tell you it was AMAZING and so very fascinating and enthralling to see he let us hold up the Frames full of bees and to just see them working was so cool 
Not gonna lie I may want to try Honey bees out when I get home now

Love you all and Stay Awesome 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 2 "not seeing a whole lot of activity"

Hey all! 

I am doing alright I am still just learning and getting used to the ropes and the ups and downs of missionary work (although be sure there are no ups and downs in ALL of Ohio)
Elder Parris gave me my first Mission Haircut and We cut it Shoooooort.
I completely forgot it was the 4th until we went to the Bishops for Dinner and everyone was in the pool and they lit off some fireworks.
Elder Parris says I am learning quickly but maybe I am just impatient with myself.
We have been listening to General Conference as we drive to appointments or all the way to Cleveland and back for a meeting that was shorter than the drive there no joke. but anyway as we listened I had one talk really help me and I wish I had listened to it better in April   
Its titled Chose to Believe and I can't remember who gave it but that title has been my mantra as of late and I will not and can not give up- ever.

The people of Ohio are... Interesting, Most of them Flat out crazy. It's not like Salt Lake where most people are industrious and go-getters these people tend to just sit and do nothing and live in appallingly bad houses. It is difficult to understand after I learned the value of hard work from my loving and goodly parents :) how you could live like that. however this is not the case for the active members of the church. you really can see the change that the truth of the Gospel brings into the actions of people, they go and do and spread the word to all they meet

I am trying to love Ohio and working toward that Charity toward the hearts of men but I have a long way to go :P on the upside I have 2 years to get it down XD 

Love you all and wait to tell you more (when I actually have things to share)
Ohio Cleveland Mission

Elder Bone
PS I will be giving weekly challenges this weeks challenge is to read the Family a Proclamation to the World during Study time or FHE.
The Family is under attack and we as Latter day Saints must know where we stand and how to defend it.