Who I am, Where I am, and what is this blog?

Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SHAKE DOWN for the 17th

What a Shake up 
The Final Countdown just got a MAJOR shake up....

I'll explain more in a bit ;)

SO wow Thursday feels like an ETTTTERnity ago. For real tho. 
anyway Thursday we has our last weekly planning session for this transfer. Hard to believe starting next Week I'll be on my last planner... Have I really been in Ohio for 2 years! 
so actually before Weekly Planning we went to work at the Daily Bread again and we were going to stay and work on the  Sleeping Bag Project again (its insane thinking we did that last MONTH) but unfortunately they had to cancel it so we just went home and weekly planned. 
Then Bro Stanley picked us up so we could see a Self Referral named Sabrina. 
Sabrina is AWESOME, She told us her story of finding the Church when we got there so I'[ll sum it up.
She was using her phone and over and over the Mormon.org ads kept popping up on all the sites she visited. this kept happening for about a week or so till finally She tapped it and called the Sisters. She got a hold of a sister in the Visitor's center in LONDON ENGLAND (So jelly) who told her all about The Book of Mormon. She immediately asked for one and asked to know where are church building was at. at this point The Sister Missionary had sent us the referral and we called her to set up a time and place. Fast forward back to Thursday
We took Brother Stanley with us and she was so excited to meet us and accept a Book of Mormon and accepted our invitation to Baptism! oh and she's coming to church next week. 
People be awesome
After Sabrina we saw Maxine who from hard work and diligent saving has proven to Ohioans that YOU CAN GET A CAR IN THIS STATE....
and she was super excited about it too :)

On to Friday (obviously this is gonna be another novel :P)

we kicked off the morning after studies by going to help Brother Baber again moving around stuff in his house and at his departed (dead... past... what would be best here? no clue) mothers house along side the Zone leaders and some missionaries they were on exchanges with. We all pitched in and after finishing Brother Baber treated us to Golden Corral  for lunch :)
Then we had to work on the Progress Record (and next week I'll be starting My Plan....)
before doing some finding since we got canceled on by Eddie due to Bedbugs (yeah I ain't messin' with those things) after Finding we had some Dinner and called it a night 

We had our usual morning routine before Brother Kelly Picked us up and we went and saw Brother Sig Miller again (aka almost 100) as well as Sister Hampton and a few others 
that night we had Dinner once again from Anthony and once again it was the BOMB 
and that ended the night.

Sunday started with Ward Council and then straight to Sacrament where we were having Fast Sunday  so it was, well, Fast Sunday and y'all know how that goes. The rest of church was pretty much same ol' same ol' but since it was 5th Sunday we had our big combined meeting and talked about the Gospel and using technology appropriately 
or as a missionary basically not at all lol
we did some walk and talk finding on our way to see Brother Baber for dinner and then heading home in time for call ins and leadership calls...

so in order for you to understand this madness you need to understand a few things 
First: Lima ward is HUGE like literally and I mean literally it's 140 square miles and it was split between 3 areas one of which was a biking area that only covered about 20 square miles leaving 60 square miles for the other 2 areas
Second: these 3 areas had 3 apartments starting with Delphos you moved west 20 mins and hit Lima bike's apartment in Lima and then continuing west yet another 20 mins you'll reach the Sisters Apartment in Bluffton 
oh and to reach the edge of the border on either extreme you have to go from the apartments out in the respective direction another 30 mins 
and that's not counting the vertical travel as well in  these MASSIVE areas

OK so now visualizing this all let me explain as best I can what is happening for my final transfer
-President Brown calls
-Elder Worthington talks to President first
-Elder Worthington was released and is no longer District leader 
-President asks to talk to me
-Me mentally: (flippin called it)
-President: "Elder Bone, I'm calling you to be District leader of the Lima District."
-Me: "Yes President"
-President: "however some things are of neccesity changing here in the Lima ward"
-Me: cautiously "like?"
-President: "well, The Delphos Apartment is being closed (i.e. the Zone leaders) and they will be moving into the Lima Bike apartment" 
-Me: "ok"
-President: "The sisters are being taken out of Lima and you'll be taking there car and Apartment and Area. 
-Me Actually: "Ok President"

so at first didn't seem too bad but it got worse

Elder Alder who was one of the Zone leaders is going home so I knew at least one of the Zone leaders was changing 


President is OPENING SHOTGUNING 2 new Zone Leaders and I'll be OPENING SHOTGUNNING our area with a brand new comp

this is MADNESS
(NO... This is SPARTTTAAAAAA!!!!)

But the week isn't over yet! 

so at district meeting we were all trying to figure out what to do with this absolute craziness
basically I got flooded with all the information from all the district and I was like halp!

but I am trying to have faith that this will all work out 

that night we got more "information" that really just confused the tar out of all of us because Elder Gledhill 
yeah Elder Gledhill from Medina is now the AP Gledhill weird
anyway Elder Gledhill told the ZL's that the new Zl's were going to live in Blufton (far east area) and work in the delphos area (far west area) and that I was to stay in the Lima Bike Apartment (central) and work in Blufton (far east area)
at which point we told them that is a TERRIBLE idea since that would make the ZL's and Myself needlessly commute for 20-30mins every day just to get into our respective areas

so hopefully our advice makes it to President Brown so that doesn't happen 
but regardless

and I only have 6 weeks left

this is gonna be a bumpy ride! 

Love you all!
pray for my sainity XD

Elder Bone