Who I am, Where I am, and what is this blog?

Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This week still started off on Thursday..
still weird 

we started by weekly planning together to try and find more people to teach 
pretty much my note section for weekly planning has a 3d image of the word FIND so
yeah still the struggle 
that evening we met up with Elder Brinkerhoff, Elder Van Orden and Brother Gould and had Pizza (courtesy of Brother Gould) before taking the LONG dive to the west lake Mission home...

Man can you believe it was almost 2 years ago I was last in the mission home? I sure can't 
(not to mention It was remodeled since I was there last so the basement isn't a cement dungeon anymore which is nice)
I spent the evening catching up with Elder Koppenhafer who was there as well as a few others, It was really cool to see how much we have all changed, I imagined that is how it will be the last night in the mission home times 10 as I get to see all the Elders I came out with (seeing as those darn sisters already skipped town XD)

Friday Morning we got to go to mission conference with Elder Gay and he talked about so much especially when it comes to how we view our own eternal Progression and how we can love the people by Loving the Savior, also how we need to work with members to get anything to really work at all
then we drove home a long long drive home 

Saturday we helped out the Sane Family by attempting to change the Gas Pump in a 90's Ford Expedition
I now know the pain of using a 13mm socket on a swivel with 10in extension with a 1/4 inch breaker bar underneath a car with about 3 to 4 inches of clearance. 
after about 3 hours of this we got the tank down only to find out some genius used pressure fittings instead of a simple hose clamp to connect to the tank so we had to temporarily abandon that project for the day,   

Then we saw Brother Dougherty again and talked to him for a bit before having to make it home before9:30

I felt alllllll the pain for satudays work and the sitting that was done all friday 
but it was still Church and not just any Church

we mormons love our conferences don't we XD
but yeah Youngstown stake conference meant I got to see all my Peeps from Lisbon Ward WAAAAY back when.
Then we had a quick visit with Sister Vandyke and headed home for Call-ins 

Monday we had district meeting, It went well, probably one of my better discussions all things considered
We then saw Roy and read for a bit with him before rounding off the evening with A dinner at the Rivera's who are awesome but Brother Rivera wasn't home so we had to eat in the garage on the Pingpong table, thankfully it was still 50 odd degrees out so it wasn't too bad :)

Tuesday after  seeing Brother Root (and leaving with much food and treats) we returned to the Expedition to only confirm it's demise as we had to re-bolt the tank and the Shield back to the frame so it could be towed then the Lawson's treated us to Lasagna and pie 

and that takes me to now 

and maybe i'll send some photos this week 
if I don't forget right after I send this email 
which is likely 

Love ya all
Elder Bone

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

60's in January

like don't get me wrong
because I am DEFINITELY not complaining
but are you ok?
you seem to be hot, then cold
so I wonder if I should get out my coat or my short sleeves 
and the answer seems to be yes then no
should I try to stay in or out?
will the wind be up or down?

Katy perry references aside
the weather here just gets weirder 
but I am totally fine with the current average of 50 degrees

starting off on Thursday because new prep day schedule...
(which is still really weird btw)

We did some planning for the week ahead
saw Roy Rainbow and helped him with some FH stuff
saw a nice older lady named sister hall who lives in a care center near us
hung out with Brother Gould cuz he took us for a Pizza Lunch
met a cool guy that wasn't really interested in the gospel but did ask a lot of questions about the church!
and Drove up to the ZL's Apartment for exchanges 


(starting to remember why I stopped doing it this way :P)

I went with Elder Stephens and we started off after studies by updating our respective progress records and then seeing a bunch of people we had more "other" lessons in one day than I have  had in weeks so that was great, I also got to see Elder Vaughn again and we celebrated his B-day so that was pretty cool. yeah that was pretty much that day


we saw the Mcelroys 
and then the Sanes
we also saw Bro. doughty before going out with Pres. Munns (EQ)  to visit some Less actives and Members :)

start of exchanges 
pretty much sums it up


I went with Elder Brinkerhoff and as usually is the case for exchanges  Every appointment fell though so we did a lot of finding but none really were found :P
the others had a much better time of it as they got 2 new investigators for us so that will be exciting!


people flamed us again :P Story of my life 
The Lawsons had us over for dinner as well so that was good

Love ya all have a good week,

Elder Bone

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Heya SLC!

It's 50 here! 
it WAS -1 sunday tho
so yeah... that's Ohio for ya

This week I had a pretty good time it started with Interviews on Thursday with Interviews and we got to see Roy Rainbow again

Friday was kinda rough with Elder Lau coming down with some food Poisoning... so we were on lock-down all day 

Saturday we saw the Mcelroys and Bro doughty and finished off the day with dinner at the Sanes!

SUNDAY we actually had ALL OF CHURCH for like the first time in a month 
we also saw a Returning less active Bro Michael with Bro. McElroy and spent the evening with the Schmids for dinner and Brother Schmid took us to see the Mooso's (who we are seeing again today for dinner)

Monday we had district meeting w/ out the Zl's cuz they were in another district
that day for exchanges and then EVERY appointment flamed us till we got the see Sabbatha that evening again!
she's doing great and Elder Lau instantly got a nickname of Kung Lau from Mortal Kombat because she's a huge fan of the game.

all the way up to cleveland for My first (and probably last) Mission Leadership Council where SOMEONE FINALLY EXPLAINED WHAT I AM SUPPOSED TO BE DOING  like I finally got a definitive list so I will be implementing all that stuff now so that's nice
and then we drove back home 
yaaaay for long car rides :P

Love ya all 
Elder Bone

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


haha I remember back when I was reading all the old Popsci articles about 2017 and how we'd have phones that charge wirelessly, cars that can drive themselves. Alternate reality gaming. and thinking that's a cool idea that would never take off....

The future is here 
and it's pretty awesome!

I also remember when I started my mission as a wee lad in Lisbon Ohio just 19 years of age thinking that 2017 would never come, that I was to be eternally stuck in Ohio as a missionary. Then came 2016 and all the good and bad with it from Elder Fifield to Elder Whipple and now it feels as though it's all come full circle as i'm back only an area away from where it all began

life is funny like that 

This week has been really weird with the whole Preparation day is now on wednesday change so I guess I'll start at Wednesday, because I have been heavily requested to add more details to these letters again so...

Wednesday started out like any other.. just another day that we drove and drove and drove some more. although I suppose wednesday really started at 12-2 when Elder Nelson kept us both up because he procrastinated packing.. :/ and he has A LOT of stuff. anyway we packed up the car at about 8 and drove to the ZL's Apartment in Youngstown where we moved all of Elder Nelson's stuff out of the Rouge and into the Truck and then we all loaded up into the truck and drove to cleveland for a total of about 3 hours of drive time now :P
when we got there Elder Nelson and I said our goodbyes and he got in the car with Elder Butterfield to go to Wadsworth... and I then proceeded to chase them as they left the parking lot so I could grab the keys to the car that Elder Nelson still had XD everyone was laughing in the mission parking lot where all the transfers take place. good thing i'm in shape!
I then met Elder Lau (pronounced like loud but without the 'D" at the end) and he's originally from Hong Kong so that's pretty awesome and he speaks English pretty fluently besides the thick accent. 
I got to hug Elder Ogle goodbye as he finished his mission and now is living life up back in shecaaago XD  so that was cool,  (side note, I love how google spell check actually recognizes that as chicago)
OH and I met Sister Page who apparently is related to me though Tomas Independence Page and is also serving here in the OCM! so that was Kinda Cool
Then we drove back home all 3 hours of it before Elder Lau and I had to go... to.... brain come on I know I left last week's planner at home.... BROTHER DOUGherty's house thats right ... thanks brain you da best

anyway we visited with Brother Dougherty and headed home had dinner with mushroom and veggie soup (didn't have a whole lot to work with but Elder lau liked it alot so it works)

Thursday we weekly planned an I was so excited to actually get things going again here! 
we did a lot of contacting that night though so that was fun as well

Friday... what did I do friday........ 
no clue
probably just a lot more contacting

saturday.... we did yet more contacting.... I think.... come on brain

Sunday, Church was weird again this week with only having Sacrament for the second time in a row, I'd never thought I'd say this but I MISS Third Hour! 
after shortened church we headed out and did some contacting, and some more contacting, and then our appointment flamed so yet more finding! yep that sums up new year's day 

Monday was honestly a bit of a drag as we all were expecting to have P-day but then remembered that's not till wednesday now but I'm sure we will all get adjusted to that sooner rather than later. so we spent the day just trying to find people and meet Less actives 

Tuesday we saw Sister Hall, a really nice lady in a care center just down the street from us, we just talked to her about Alma the younger and how we all like he did Look to Christ and live (#EMCYC20whateveryearitwasweusedthatasthethemebutIdorememberthebookmarkandthescripture) (<--- this, this is why I don't do hashtags)
we also saw Roy Rainbow again after struggling to see him with all the holiday madness he had at work 
then we saw the Lawsons who are still awesome!

and that takes me to now!

Love and

Elder Bone