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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A new Call

Sunday Night....

Elder Fifield and I are Planing for the day tomorrow

The phone rings.....

"It's President" Elder Fifield says with panic in his eyes

"Hello President Brown, how's your evening" he responded as neutral as he could to the ringing phone.

I overhead the start of the conversation "Elder, please take the phone off speaker"

I quietly left the room

A short while later Elder Fifield came in to our room,

He wordlessly handed me the phone

My shaky hand lifted it to my ear

"Yes President Brown?" My heart pounding in my chest

"Elder Bone I have an Assignment for you from the Lord"
"You have been called to serve as a district leader in the Solon ward"

It took me a minute to compose myself enough to say "Thank you" 

"That will be all, good Night Elder"

Missions, one call and everything changes.

Gotta love theatrics XD

But yes that is what happened I Have been called to serve in the Solon South area with Elder Kitchens. I am also going to be serving as a District leader for the Solon District
some changes are soon to be a foot.

but before I get to all that.....

ON to Last week!

(By the way thanks for all the support this week, It is always a nice boost to get emails from home)

So we had some fun on Monday
The Best Buy in our area had a Oculus Rift Demo and I totally checked it out and it was EPICly expensive
I have a video of me Geeking out (and banging my head on a desk after getting a little too close to it :P) but it will have to wait as it is too big of a file

Had a lot of cancels but did have a dinner so that was a positive!

Wednesday: Why is that day of the week still so hard to SPELL 
Kicked off the day with Elder Fifield's Bike having a popped tire, so we went to "Richard's" Sporting goods to get a tire tube, we got home and inflated it and found out that it was a road bike tire. by this point we were running late for our appointment so we borrowed Elder ogle's bike to go to our appointment. after that we went back home to catch a ride to Correlation meeting. after Correlation we taught Bryan and kinda dropped him as he didn't want to progress. Then we had dinner and went back to "Richard's" to exchange the tire and fix Fifield's Bike

ZTM was AWESOME we learned alot about the real Purpose of the Restoration and just how powerful the message we share with families is. we then went on exchanges with Elder LeFevre and it went ok, didn't get anything done but no one died so there's that.
weeekly planing is so looooooooooong
after weekly planning we went down to Akron to meet Jake, an awesome guy that loves to talk (like most of Ohio) we boldly proclaimed the truth of eternity and the possibility of Eternal marriage with the power of God though the preisthood. we did as taught to Invite, Promise and testify and the Spirit was there and I am sure if he Reads the book of Mormon he will Join the Fold. Missionary work is Amazing

helped out Brother G again, learned this time how to short a breaker that we didn't know where it was (we were working in the garage when the 2 live wires connected and the power got tripped 
2 minutes later we went to the house to find 1/2 of the bedrooms lost power)
after that we met with Sister Ann and she spun us some tall tales of mysical food that I will never get to try now :P

pretty much church 
see begining of letter

morning breakfast with the ward
district meeting
a ward family Barbecue that we got invited to
and we taught the Bland's right before they move

Thats the week! 
Love you all!

Elder Bone

Ephesians 1:10

hat in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:

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