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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ups and downs and a bad bite

So maybe you've heard from my mom what happened but those that haven't well you'll find out soon enough :P

Full report on The affairs of the Murphy Family
All is well with them, we met up at Panera bread and yes Pam immediately gave me the photo spiel so we took some :P Mostly just talked about how things are and had a good conversation. Pam also had *ahem* aquired a letter from Chris and Cammie (sorry I fail at spelling :P) back when she visited Grandma and Grandpa that she gave me. the letter in question was for my Graduation. things have a funny way of working out don't they! Rolene said to say hi and how much they love all you and I said the same right back :)
Had our district meeting and spent the day trying to find ANYone to talk to... and failed :(

Wednesday: NAILED IT! *insert batman Gif FIRST TRY*
beside the excitement of spelling a day of the week right the first try (which I should be able to do but whatev)
we saw Brother Potter who in his own words is a 1%, as in if something can go wrong to 1% of people then it might as well be 100% for him. He's kinda had some rough patches as of late with medical complications and all cuz he saved 3 kids from a burning car which is kinda AWESOME but the complications aren't
That evening while waiting for Tek, a Nepali member of the ward who we try to go with to teach sometimes, to arrive. I chipped a tooth on some pizza.... ow literally ten seconds later (captain literal didn't show up so I am not exaggerating) he showed up and I'm sitting in the back of the car trying to figure out what to do and how not to panic, all in all not my best evening but by the next day thanks to an awesome mom I have a dentist appointment. so more details on the how next week. (from the premed student it sounded like it was already decayed but my brushing and flossing helped hold it off for a while.)

Taught Obi again about the Priesthood and we think he finally understood the apostasy so he may understand now why he needs to be Baptized but keep him in your prayers!

Finally met with Sister Otero again, she wants to go to Kirtland so we may be seeing that happen soonish? still struggling to find anyone to teach and to work effectively with the ward

our ride to kirtland canceled so we didn't get to go :( instead we helped Brother Gerstenslager with Home Renovations in preperation for his youngests' (youngesttest? youngling?) sons baptism. He's really cool and a total geek so you know we get along well XD
Met with Kyle as well and we are hoping to start teaching his brother Joey who happens to have my dream computer 
i7 Cpu
And a 970X GPU
I about died when I saw it XD needless to say he's a total gamer so we hit it off really well
Oh it also SNOWED THE WHOLE DAY so that was fun

Church was good I spent the sacrament trying to help keep a small child quiet while also keeping my distance cuz the rules :P Mom I have NO clue how you did it XD
after that classes where good and we had a good afternoon. That evening we had a District inventory. It was good and I think it helped us all out a lot.

Love you all! hope that's enough detail for all y'all asking for it XD

Elder Bone

Doctrine and Covenants 109:22-23

 22 And we ask thee, Holy Father, that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angels have charge over them;
 23 And from this place they may bear exceedingly great and glorious tidings, in truth, unto the ends of the earth, that they may know that this is thy work, and that thou hast put forth thy hand, to fulfil that which thou hast spoken by the mouths of the prophets, concerning the last days.

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