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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Testing Ground

So this week was week 11 in my 12 week training. Week 11 the trainee (AKA me) takes the lead on everything so I was very apprehensive about leading but I knew with all I have been preparing to do God would help me do my best and then some so on to the week!

After Emails we hung out with all the other Lisbon District Elders and had a blast playing some B-Ball and some Munchkin
After all that we helped Mark Seaman move out of our ward :( I am sure that this is what he needs though and I know it will help him Raise Luke to be strong in the Gospel.

Tuesday got kicked off with our first District meeting in a LOOOONG time (between Zone Conference, and a Meeting with Elder Bennett we just haven't needed to have it.) It was controlled chaos and Elder Parris had to keep in check now that we don't have any sisters in the district
District meeting ended with Elder Jackson coming home with me for an exchange. Our lessons went well and we had a good exchange 

After a quick switch back Elder Parris and I went to Buck Williams to help him build and paint some cabinets for the church. now I say help but really he just sat there and Micro managed us while we did everything else. Oh well I guess you can get some leeway when your old :P
once we painted the Cabinet and left it to dry (he was quite impressed by my proficiency with painting, Thanks Dad :) We drove to Columbiana to meet with Rocky at is Gym. Then we helped replace a Car battery in a old Dodge van (Elder Parris was in his Element) before a drive to Sister Wallace's to help her on the Path of Addiction Recovery.

We met with Allen at last! we read the Book of Mormon with him and he promised to find his and read it! we read chapter 10 of First Nephi with him because Elder Parris and I Both felt drawn to that chapter (that comes in later) 
after studies we went back to Buck's to put another Coat of paint on the Cabinets,
A long weekly planning session was followed with another visit to Sister Wallace.
Then off to the Connors for a very yummy dinner and we went with Jacob there 16 year old son to teach the Babik's. The lesson went really well as we read 2 Nephi 32 and explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. We drove Jacob back and Sis Connor had a whole bowl of Ice Cream waiting for us once we returned! I love this Ward Family

After a Wonderful Coordination Meeting with Brother Hobbs we helped brother Barnhart with his roof and almost finished up but we ran out of planks unfortunately. After that we went to Buck and Cindy Williams Home for Dinner and the "Buck Williams Experience" where Buck basically just showed me some very obvious magic tricks and did his best to impress me with his knowledge of Self defense.. it was an interesting Dinner...
After that we went back to Sister Wallace's and let her talk and we did are best to help her. She really could use all the Prayer's you can offer!

We started the morning out with studies as usual and drove to the Babik's to Mow their lawn. after that we had a quick bite and went to Sister Wallace's and Rocky's. We followed that up with an awesome meeting with Bro Clark where he took us to lunch and then we went teaching with him! 
First we went to Brian, A less-active that is Sister Wallace's Son. He struggles to Believe there is a God but he know's it deep down you can tell. He runs a legit Game shop and we got to see some really cool stuff he showed us
Second we went to Linda Savitch another Less active but one that, despite his constant trying Brother Clark had never met in person. that evening we did met her and her husband and we talked a lot about Home teaching and service (he also had a sick '84 corvette that he let us sit in!) 
lastly but certainly not least we went to sister Wallace and gave her a blessing to help her cope with the stress of her life and with her withdrawal

A powerhouse testimony meeting in which Sis Wallace A) came and B) Bore a wonderful testimony 
After Lunch we went to Sister Dibacco's to help her with the pains of this world and the pains of age she has been feeling by giving her a blessing of comfort
the rest of the day was studies as always open my understanding to my purpose 

We had deep cleaning and Monopoly night and finished the day off with pizza.. 

Long week but really good one! 
This morning we met with Allen and he had found his Book of Mormon... it was an OLD angel Moroni copy and in it was a very forgotten bookmark. that bookmark was on First Nephi Chapter 11. We testified to Allen that God loves him and that he WANTS him to come back to the fold. I know that God is a god of Miracles and that one right their is working in the Heart of his son Allen. 

I love you all

Elder Bone 

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