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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome one and all to the Elder Bone Talkshow!

So it's been a bit of a slow week cuz everyone vanished out of thin air this week so bear  with me

Tuesday however we went on exchanges with the Zone leaders and they blitzed our area so for one glorious day we got to share a four elder apartment oh and to top it off I'M DESIGNATED DRIVER WOOT WOOT!!!

spent the exchange learning about how to be a district leader and getting to know Elder Hansen (one of the ZL's) Better Oh and lots and lots of finding

Wendsday: we spent the whole day pretty much getting the fuel pump fixed on our chevy.. never ever buying one (they have terrible handling as well :P)

we learned a lot and it was awesome

more tracting 

see friday

I got to speak for like 5 minutes in church and it was kinda cool (it was super last minute but it worked) then we did some more finding and last minute district meeting planning cuz the sisters pulled a fast one on me and needed district meeting to be the crack of dawn monday.
then we had dinner at an awesome family's home where we all kept laughing at the dad's silly puns and the fact that elder kitchens didn't understand what a pun was so he was not sure why we were all laughing
Have you ever tried to explain a pun to someone
not easy
especially when you are laughing so hard you can't breathe 
all and all a good night

Monday we had a rather slapdash district meeting  :P
and that brings me to now! 

Love ya
Elder Bone

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