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Hello, My Name is Elder Parker Bone. I am a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I am currently serving a LDS mission in the Ohio Cleveland Mission I will be serving for two years and will be returning home in Summer of 2017.
I will be emailing my adventure in Ohio to friends and family and this blog will contain those emails.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello World

So Nintendo finally did the thing,
and they did it really well..
and I can't Play it...
me and my Poke' addiction will just have to wait..

but yeah there are hundreds of people that are total usually inside are now outside.. on there phones playing Pokemon GO including a BUNCH of the members young and old

but with people outside there are people to talk to :)

anyway my nerdy minor sadness aside

So we planned to be going to bowling and have a great time with the sisters, and then go on a really well referred hike

so what actually happened was the Bowling alley was closed... for some reason
like it was a big holiday or something that day... No idea why

and then the sisters bailed and didn't want to hike
and then I discovered something 
Utah has RUINED me for good hikes
like it was a Meh Hike
some pretty stone stuff though I got Pictures too
and a few have my face so there

Tuesday T- 2 days
Finding, more finding and some really fun Splits :)

Wednesday: T -1 day
We went on Exchanges with the Zone leaders we had a really good time and they helped me with learning more about how to be a good district leader.

Thursday: T- 0 
things were slow as we weekly planned and it took forever as it usually does.

lots and lots and lots of Finding people Everywhere for some reason

went to the Murphy Estate sale and it was really cool to get to help out (and score some nice Motab)

we found out why people were everywhere

nuff said

had some fun in the evening with the Murphy Family to talk and eat BBQ

so thats the week

Love ya all
GO and catch em all

Elder Poke'Bone

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